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Hi Y'all,

Besides the usual updating of this site to include the latest pictures, I've added an Info/FAQ section with answers to questions such as:  "Why don't you use a digital camera?," and the ever-popular "Did you take a picture of my car?"

I hope you find something you like!

Shawn Doughtie
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Available Pictures
Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA Drivers School
Road Atlanta
10-11 July 2004

250+ Pictures
1165  1166  1167  1168  1169  1170  1171 

Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA Drivers School
Road Atlanta
20-21 March 2004

250+ Pictures
8964  8965  8966  8967  8968  8969  8970  8971 

Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA Drivers School
Road Atlanta
20-21 September 2003

300+ Pictures
6337  6338  6339  6340  6341  6342  6343  6344  6345 


Note:  Most of these images show dust and/or other scanning issues.
These aberrations are not on the negatives!
Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA Drivers School
Road Atlanta
12-13 July 2003

350+ Pictures
3379  3380  3381  3382  3383  3384

0346  3473  3474  3475

Note:  Some of these images show dust and/or other scanning issues.
These aberrations are not on the negatives!

Item Size Price Comments
Event CD   $17.50 Images from 2002 & 2003 are 1536x1024 @ 72dpi; images from 2004 are 1800x1215 @ 96dpi.
Individual .jpg Image   $3.00 Same format as above.
Photo 4x6" $3.00 Limited to those already on hand.1
Photo 5x7" $12.50  
Photo 8x10" $17.50 Will be an 8x12", just crop as you'd like.
Photo 8x12" $17.50  
Photo 11x14" $27.50  
Poster 12x18" $35.00  
Poster 16x20" $40.00  
Poster 20x30" $50.00  
Custom Crop Any $7.50  
Shipping2, 3   varies 4x6, $1.00; 5x7-8x12, $3.85; 11x14, $5.00; posters, $10.00
Insurance   varies Insurance must be specifically requested.
12-Shot Commission   $30.00 See Info/FAQ Answer #8 for further explanation.
All images © Shawn Doughtie
1Please confirm with me that I still have the 4x6s you want before you send payment!
2If you prefer a shipping method other than the U.S. Postal Service, let me know.  If you'd like to save a few $ and don't mind waiting until the next Peachtree Chapter meeting, I'll be glad to deliver them by hand.
3Up to three 4x6s-11x14s per envelope, up to two posters per tube.

1)Specify the print(s) you want by the event and roll-frame numbers and indicate the quantity and size of print for each.  If any prints are to be custom-cropped, note this as well.
2)Email me with your selections and mailing address.
3)I'll confirm the total with you, and once I receive payment (PayPal, personal check, or money order), I'll have the prints made and will send them on their way.


Q1: What equipment do you use?
A1:I use a Canon Rebel G 35mm SLR, with Tokina AT-X 28-70mm f2.8 and Tokina AT-X 80-200 f2.8 lenses, a Kenko MC-7 2X teleconverter, and Canon 380EX flash.  Most of the track shots were done with the 80-200 lens with the teleconverter, with focal lengths of about 350-400mm.  For film, I usually use Kodak Professional Ultra Color 400.
Q2: Why don't you use a digital camera?
A2:For me, there are no compelling reasons why I should, and a number of reasons why I don't:
  • This hobby is secondary to being a gearhead, and I already have the setup described above.
  • To obtain equivalent results and still be able to use my lenses, I would have to buy a Canon professional-grade digital SLR body (~$3,000 on the low end) or the new Canon Digital Rebel (~$1,000).  Consumer-grade point-and-shoot digital cameras don't come close.
  • I'd need enough memory to store ~300 shots at file sizes sufficient for the largest size prints that might be ordered.
  • I'd have to buy a photo-quality printer and maintain photo-quality paper and ink supplies.*
  • I'd have to buy or borrow a laptop for use at the track.*
  • With "normal" prints, it's a whole lot easier for folks to look through a few albums of photos than it is for them to jockey for viewing opportunities on a laptop, I don't need to hang around to print each shot as they're requested, I don't need keep an eye on a computer and printer, and there's no waiting for the 4x6s at the track.*
Overall, it's much easier and cost-effective for me to stay with film -- it's just not worth it to go digital yet.

*A valid point was recently made to me that I could easily have the images burned to a CD and printed out by a shop, eliminating these issues, as well as being able to delete any bad shots before they were printed.  That would still leave the issue of having to buy the camera body, though...
Q3: Can the final picture size affect what's shown?
A3:Yes.  The images here show the full frame; a 35mm frame is actually 36x24mm, or in other words, a 1.5:1 ratio.  Prints in 4x6" and enlargements in 8x12", 12x18", and 20x30" will show the full frame just as it is shown on this site.  For a graphical representation of what happens when a 35mm image is printed in a non-1.5:1 ratio size, see this example.  No matter what size enlargement, it can be custom-cropped if you specifically ask for it.
Q4: I drive a _________ and haven't seen a picture of it.  Did you take a picture of my car?
A4:I wish I could answer that off the top of my head, but with the number of shots I take, I just can't remember them all.  Additionally, while your car might be immediately recognizable to you, it might not be readily recognizable to me; for example, if you drive a silver E36 M3 and there are three or four silver E36 M3s in your class, I might be able to remember that I'd taken a picture of a car like yours, but not necessarily one of your car.

To find a shot of your car when you're at the track, please look through ALL of the albums I have on display; I have double prints made for each shot and they'll be in the same pocket in a single album, not divided amongst multiple albums -- each album is unique.  Additionally, you might miss a picture of your car amongst a group of cars, as both prints I have at the track often get purchased before everyone in the shot has had a chance to look at them.  However, that shot will still be represented on this site.

There are a few things you can do to help ensure I get shots of your car:
  • Make your car distinguishable from similar cars.  For example, apply uniquely-colored or patterned tape to the top of the windshield or the headlights.  The class/car number isn't sufficient to distinguish a car when you're looking through the viewfinder!
  • Talk to me before a run session and show me how to distinguish your car from similar cars.
  • Buy prints! ;)
Q5: Why don't you take pictures of _________? (Porsches, instructor's cars, etc.)
A5:The fact is, I do take plenty of pictures of those.  More often than not, a picture is there, but has been overlooked.  That having been said, in the case of instructor's cars, I am often either attending the initial student meeting or am still at lunch during the instructor run times.  However, I certainly do take pictures of instructors that are out with the student run groups.
Q6: From what locations do you usually take the shots?
A6:In the morning, I can usually be found at Turn 12, and in the afternoon, Turn 5.
Q7: Why do you usually shoot on Saturdays only?
A7:I shot on both Saturday and Sunday for the first two schools I did, but I found that the return on investment of time and money was very low (negative, actually) for the shots done on Sunday.
Q8: I heard you are shooting single rolls for folks who want them -- is this correct?
A8:Yes!  For $30 up front, I will shoot one 12-exposure roll during one Sunday track session at your choice of:  1) the paddock, grid, Turn 12, and/or track out; OR 2) Turns 5, 6, and/or 7.  After I've finished the roll, I'll turn it over to you for you to develop.  For logistical reasons, I cannot work both ends of the track during a session (i.e. Turn 5 and then Turn 12) and still get twelve on-track shots.  Additionally, the time of day and whether or not someone in your class (or adjacent to it) has already commissioned me are factors, so please ask about this early in the weekend!   Note that when you commission me, you will own the copyright to all of the pictures on the roll.

Have any questions?  Email me! (remove the "SPAMSUX" part!)